Complete Your Glass Collection with Mixing Glasses

Mixing glasses are a key part of any glass collection. There are a range of cocktails that can be perfected only with a stirring glass instead of a shaker.

Having a glass collection that includes a mixing glass will allow you to impress your friends and develop cocktail mixing as a real skill whether it’s just for guests or for a bartending profession.

Find out more about how these glasses and accessories improve your game.

Mixing Glass Accessories

These glasses are not just like any other glass. They are structured and tempered to safely handle repeated tapping of hard metals that can cause some more fragile glasses to shatter. Bartenders prefer a proper mixer because it cuts down on breakage and injuries.

Mixing glasses are best used with the right accessories.

Stirring Spoons

Stirring spoons are used to mix drinks with finesse. They are shaped and blunted carefully so that they are unlikely to cause ice to chip when stirring. This way, they deliver a less watered-down cocktail than a shaker when ice is used.

Julep Strainers

Julep strainers are a helpful tool for any bar collection. They are spoons with patterns of holes so that something can be poured over them and dispersed. They are used to make mint juleps but also other drinks where a less-dense drink is layered over another one to create a stack effect.

Cocktails that should be Served Stirred

If you want to really impress your guests, match your new mixing glass to this collection of cocktails that are always great when served mixed. Take advantage of our pre-made mixes to serve your friends…

The Old Fashioned



The classic old-fashioned is a whiskey cocktail that is often served with ice. Using a stirring spoon will allow you to keep the ice from breaking until it gently melts after it’s served—giving the drinker the opportunity to drink it at its’ strongest or let the ice melt a little more. Sorry, but James Bond was wrong. Martini’s should be stirred unless the intention is to water them down a little. Martini’s only ever touch ice during the stirring or shaking phase. When stirred, more of the ice is left behind. The classic Manhattan is a blend of so many bold ingredients. To an aficionado who appreciates them, each one should stand undiluted. If it’s not being served over ice, it should be stirred with ice instead of shaken.


Bloody Caesar

Tom Collins

This classic Italian Gin cocktail has always been stirred as a standard mode of serving for almost 100 years now. The rich colors can make for an impressive show as you stir the ingredients together. Canada’s favorite cocktail is best served stirred to those who demand the drink at its best. The Bloody Caesar is often mixed with two mixing glasses that the mix is moved back and forth through until perfect. When the summer season rolls around, you can impress your guests with this gin-bolstered lemonade. Serving it mixed will allow perfecting the exact sweetness and bite and chill that you want, giving the drink your signature.