Cocktail Shakers

Cocktails shakers are a must-own item for anyone who hopes to serve cocktails or enjoy them on a quiet evening. Shakers are one of the most diverse tools in the bartender’s trade, coming in a huge variety of different styles, sizes, and specialties.

Every shaker is a reflection of the man mixing the drink, so there are a lot of important style decisions to be made before showing one off as a part of your serving kit. Read on to learn more about the way the shakers at our store in Vancouver are designed, and which of the many popular styles will work best for you.

Cocktail Shaker Materials

Here are some of the different materials that our cocktail shakers in Vancouver are made of. Some are about bringing a personal flair to your skill as a mixer, while others are more about the utility of a busy bar. Whether you’re serving a crowd or a few close friends after a victory, here’s what you have to choose from…




Don’t assume that plastic shakers are automatically the lowest quality. The lifespan of a plastic cocktail shaker can be longer than a metal one, considering that dropping a metal one even once can result in a dent that makes it impossible for the pieces to fit together. Plastic cocktail shakers may come in soft plastic that can easily be knocked about without damage, or a hardened plastic more like resin. Glass shakers are the most classic options because they were the first kind to ever exist. If you were to slip into or a roaring speakeasy during the 20s’, you’d see the great cocktails of the past being served out of these. Though shakers that can take a few more drops are preferred in most working bars, the glass versions will always make an attractive addition to any home drink mixing collection. Metal shakers are very popular and available in a large assortment of different metals and finishes. Most cocktail shakers are made out of steel or another metal that won’t rust easily. Some of the fancier ones are available in polished metals like brass, silver, and even gold. Metal shakers may be gorgeously engraved and even intricate enough to become valuable and collectible.

Completing Your Cocktail Mixing Collection

Found the right shaker for your needs? You almost have the perfect set to serve your personal cocktails or enjoy them on your own. However, here are a couple pieces that will really show off your sophistication when they’re added into one set.

Fine Glasses

If you really want to show off your skill with mixed drinks, make sure you don’t make the mistake of serving a drink in the wrong glass. You need an entire set of glasses to cover the range of recipes, so grab a set of glasses, here.

Ice Serving Tools

The right ice is another important element of serving good cocktails. Creating ice of the right size and then adding it to the drink is done much more effectively with the right set of ice serving tools.