Bar Glassware

The right glassware is a must for any man’s apartment. Being able to match the drink to the right glassware is a mark of sophistication whether you’re hosting a quiet evening at home or a party in Vancouver. Bar glassware even makes a difference in the taste, as different shapes of glassware have the power to enhance or diminish scents and flavors.

Complete your glassware collection with…

Beer Glasses

Shot Glasses

Beer glasses are a must for enjoying beer as they are typically shaped to maximize the fragrance and nose of the beer. If you enjoy beer of any kind, you want enough glasses to experience the way that each one changes the experience of drinking a beer. Beer glasses come in several classic styles, including the classic pint glass, the mugs, tulip glasses, and even metal steins. Many of these types of glasses are sold with intricate designs and can become collectible.  Shot glasses are the classic and perfect vehicle for fine liquors and cordials. Shot glasses are typically around 50ML in size, but may come in a wide variety of other sizes to accommodate creative designs. Shot glasses are best bought in sets that can be shared and used at parties and celebrations where you want to perform a toast. Because of their low cost, but sturdy build, they make excellent small gifts.

Champagne Glasses

Whisky Glasses

Champagne glasses have been the standard for serving champagne for centuries, and for good reason. They are not shaped like goblets or other wine glasses because the fluted shape brings out the effervescence of champagne. It makes sure that you feel the tingle in your nose right before you take a sip. Champagne glasses are a must if you want to serve champagne. Whisky glasses are short and stocky, often designed for a single or double pour. While most have a round shape and flat sides, you can also find scotch whisky glasses that have a tulip shape to bring out the more aggressive nose of whiskeys hailing from that part of the world. Experiment with different sizes of whiskey glasses to find out which ones bring out the most of your favorite whisky.


 Mixing Glasses

Decanters are a must if you care about serving wine and liquors properly. These special serving pitchers are designed to allow the drink to open up and breathe before it’s served. When not serving wine, decanters are also great to have around for holding French-pressed coffee. Mixing glasses can add a little art to serving your guests at Vancouver parties. A personal mixing glass allows you to closely control the balance and texture of each drink you design for your guests. This lets you serve the most personalized cocktails possible. It’s a talent that can impress with just a little practice.

Improve your Vancouver Bar Glassware Collection with Ashtrays

Further, enhance your bar glassware collection with fine ashtrays. To achieve a sophisticated look for your apartment, match the color of your other glassware to the ashtrays. That way, there is a consistent theme at parties when both the drinks and the fine cigars are out.

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