Meet The Team

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Meet The Team

We Are Friends of the Leaf: Meet the Revolucion Team

Imagine stepping into a hidden gem nestled in the heart of Yaletown, a paradise that has been nurturing the passion of cigar enthusiasts for more than twenty years.

Revolucion Cigars, with its storied legacy and unwavering dedication to the art, is not just a mere shop but an integral pillar of the cigar community. It's where history meets craftsmanship, and where camaraderie thrives – a place we proudly call our second home.

But what truly sets Revolucion apart is the exceptional team behind it. These remarkable individuals are more than just cigar enthusiasts; they are the heart and soul of the Revolucion experience. They bring their individual narratives and genuine love for cigars to the forefront, transforming your visit into an unforgettable journey.

Get ready to delve into the captivating world of the Revolucion Team – uncover the origins of their passion for cigars, their deep-rooted bonds with the Revolucion community, and their expert personal recommendations that promise to elevate your cigar experience.

Paulo: The Heartbeat of the Revolucion Community

Paulo, the visionary behind Revolucion, has a story as rich as the cigars he treasures. His journey, sparked on vibrant Cuban streets, is marked by serendipitous encounters and transformative experiences.

Immersed in Cuba's cigar culture, Paulo wandered Havana's bustling streets, discovering iconic spots like La Floridita and La Bodeguita del Medio. Each puff of a cigar harmonized with the rhythm of Cuban life, punctuated by music and laughter.

Visiting renowned factories like Partagas, La Corona, and El Laguito, Paulo witnessed the artistry of each roll and blend. Among his cherished memories is savoring a Partagas Lusitania paired with a Cafecito, against the backdrop of Miramar's turquoise ocean.


paulo-revolucion-meet the team


Paulo's journey into cigars wasn't happenstance. From family wholesalers to embracing cigars' profound connections, he founded Revolucion with a deep sense of community. Sharing a cigar transcended judgment, creating moments for stories to flow freely.

"In that precious time, no judgments existed. We swapped life stories, had meaningful discussions, all while enjoying a fine cigar. The cigar united us beyond labels," Paulo reflects.

For a delightful pairing, Paulo recommends the Partagas Series D no 4 with a comforting cup of coffee.

Gabi: From Skeptic to Cigar Aficionado


gabi - revolucion team


Gabi's path to becoming a true cigar aficionado had a humble beginning – one that didn't leave an immediate impact. But as life often does, it circled back in unexpected ways.

Her story took a transformative turn when she became an integral part of Revolucion's vibrant community.

Reflecting on an unforgettable evening, Gabi recounted the experience of lighting up a Cohiba Talisman. In that moment, she felt the power of a shared cigar, the camaraderie that it brought forth. This epiphany ignited her deep commitment to infusing the essence of community into every corner of Revolucion, ensuring that every visitor would feel that sense of togetherness.

If you've had the pleasure of visiting Revolucion, you might have crossed paths with Lord Darwin, the charming dachshund who managed to capture Gabi's heart and now stands as the beloved mascot of the shop.


darwin miniature long haired dachshund


Recommendation: To complement this sense of connection, Gabi suggests trying the Trinidad Reyes– a smooth cigar that pairs harmoniously with a refreshing cold tea or sparkling lime water, creating an experience that resonates with the heart of Revolucion's ethos.

Dilan: A Child From Tobacco Town

Dilan's connection to cigars is deeply rooted in his heritage and childhood memories. Growing up in a place fondly known as "the tobacco town," with the memory of his great grandfather enjoying his daily cigar ritual until the age of 96, Dilan was naturally curious about cigars.

It was not just the cigars but also the elegance, tradition, and vintage environment created by Revolucion that attracted Dilan. It wasn't just about joining a store; it was about becoming part of a community that celebrated the rich history and artistry of cigars. 

At Revolucion, Dilan found a place where his personal history with cigars intertwined beautifully with the ethos of the store.


dilan. meet the revolucion team


Recommendation:  “The  Romeo y Julieta No. 2 is the perfect combination of a really rich and consistent burn. Its flavour is exquisite and it has one of the best flavor profiles I have ever tasted in a cigar. Pair it with a cold glass of pure water. My intention is to enjoy the cigar and taste its flavors, without anything else that can affect them.”


Sina: A Serendipitous Encounter

sina - meet the revolucion team


Born in Tehran, Sina's adventure to Vancouver in 2017 was filled with new beginnings. One such start was his introduction to the world of cigars at Revolucion in 2020. 

 With a cigar in hand and so many questions at the tip of his tongue, Sina was eager to learn how to make the most of his first cigar experience. Paulo, sensing his enthusiasm, invited Sina to sit with him outside the shop, turning a simple customer service moment into a memorable initiation into the world of cigars. 

 This casual interaction was the beginning of a journey that saw Sina transition from a curious novice to a vital part of the Revolucion family. What started as a conversation and shared cigar outside the shop turned into a few days of assisting Paulo, and now transformed into several years at Revolucion.

 When asked about his experience with customers, Sina says, “I love exploring new ideas and connecting with new people daily. It's all about presenting top-notch products and providing excellent service to our clients because everyone deserves finer things in life. I make it a point to ensure everything runs smoothly and that both our team and clients feel respected and cherished.”

 For Sina, Revolucion is more than a job; it's a community. “What stands out for me is the chance to connect with our incredible community on a personal level. Over time, they've become more than just customers; they're friends. We've shared some sweet moments and a few bittersweet ones, but it's all part of the journey. All and all it’s amazing to witness the growth of so many amazing people.” 

Outside of Revolucion, Sina finds solace in music, playing his guitar and piano. He's also an avid tennis player, perpetual learner and a history enthusiast, often diving into books or engaging podcasts.

Sina’s Current Favourite:The  Vegas Robaina Famosos, a Cuban delight: sweet, full bodied, and burns longer than a typical robusto. 

 Sina’s Recommendation for the Cigar New Leaf, aka beginners:The smooth LFD Suave Insurractos, a mild to medium strength cigar that's incredibly smooth, almost like creamy smoke. Crafted with high-quality tobacco and made in the LFD factory, you can count on a consistently well-made cigar.

Sina’s Recommendation for Connoisseurs:H. Upmann Connoisseur B LCDH. It's a cigar fit for its name, as Upmann is one of the oldest Cuban cigar manufacturers, and they've perfected the art of medium-bodied cigars. It strikes that beautiful balance – never too strong, never too light. 

The Connoisseur B is a limited production gem from Upmann, exclusively crafted for "La Casa del Habano" stores like ours. We only get a few batches each year, so you'll want to grab them before they vanish into thin air!”

George: The Storyteller

George’s interest in cigars comes from the deep knowledge that smoke and fire are very primal and embedded in human history. 

“We huddled around the fire to cook, stay warm and tell stories. Tobacco facilitates some of those primal characteristics of fire and smoke and I connect with that. When you're holding a lit cigar, you are controlling fire at your fingertips and often you are sharing stories as the smoke makes the invisible visible, your breath, your words. I was never into drinking alcohol or smoking cigarettes at parties, but I did always enjoy having a cigar,” says George.

 George's experiences at Revolucion are filled with heartwarming interactions. The customers, with their vast stories and backgrounds, have enriched his life in ways he never imagined. One such memorable encounter was with a client who recognized George's passion for music and invested in him, paving his way into the music industry. This epitomizes the spirit of the Revolucion community – supportive, nurturing, and ever-welcoming. 

When asked what he notices about the Revolucion community, George observes that newcomers are instantly embraced - and spontaneous conversations around the shop's benches are a common sight.


georgie- revolucion lifestyle meet the team


George's Current Picks? "Trinidad and Cohiba Cigars. Trinidad's smooth nuttiness and Cohibas' clean flavors speak to me."

George advises starting small, avoiding overwhelm. "Go light – a Macanudo Connecticut Ascot or Romeo Y Julieta Mille Fleur". He also suggests trying a Casa Turrent 1880 Claro or a Casa Magna Connecticut if you're leveling up. 

But beyond labels, George's advice dances with technique: "Don't rush. Puff gently, pause, savor – 20-30 seconds between, even a minute. Preferences differ, but my favorite? Slow and steady.

Igniting Heritage: Crafting Revolucion's Tale

Within the heart of Revolucion, diverse stories meld, much like the cherished cigars they embody. Paulo's community fervor, Gabi's transformative journey, Dilan's evocative ties, Sina's boundless curiosity, and George's narrative prowess intertwine, forming the essence of Revolucion's narrative.

A crucial chapter remains unwritten – yours.

Seasoned enthusiast or curious novice, an awaiting cigar beckons.

Embark on your Revolucion journey today, in-store or online. Your story, like our cigars, awaits its unique spark.

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Philip Tutt
Philip Tutt

February 28, 2024

Hi everybody, what cigar would you recommend that is a non cuban and as close to a Montecristo #2 as you can get?

Many Thanks

Phil Tutt

Krekor Koko Keremian
Krekor Koko Keremian

February 28, 2024

Most amazing family first and foremost.
Cigar shop hands down my favourite place to come and hang also have dinner Paulo and his employees and friends. See you very soon. 🥩🥩

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