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Frequently Asked Questions about Cigar Cutters

What cigar accessories make it easy to enjoy cigars?

There are at least a couple tools you’ll want to make enjoying a cigar easy for you. The first is a good quality cigar cutter. The classic or the punch model is essential for cutting a cigar properly. Trying to improvise with a knife will likely cause a lot of damage to the cap of the cigar. It’s not even recommended that you try to use a razor to clip a cigar, because that still doesn’t provide the ‘pinch’ provided by a real cigar cutter.

A more affordable, but still effective, alternative to the traditional cutter is the punch cutter. This cutter has a sharp ring that’s usually contained in a screw-off casing. The ring is pressed directly onto the cap of the cigar to make a small, cleanly cut hole in the cigar. This cigar cutter is nearly as versatile as it’s more classic cousin, but be warned: Torpedo cigars and several other types have conical caps that make punch cutters unwieldy.

Another vital accessory is the Draw Poker. This tool looks like a long needle, usually with some simple or elaborate handle on the end. If a cigar becomes hard to draw (if it’s tightly packed or if it just becomes obstructed while smoking), the poker can be gently pushed through the length of the cigar to open up the airflow again. These tools come in many kinds of attractive looks.

Questions about Cigar Accessories?

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