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Get the best shave possible with our amazing collection of shaving accessories. We carry everything you need to keep your shave clean, comfortable and close.

In addition to all the great products you need for a great shave, we carry some of the most well-known and trusted manufacturers that are making accessories today. Choose from the top accessories from makers like Jack Black, Edwin Jagger, Wilkinson, Taconic and many more.

Is Your Shaving Kit Complete?

Shaving properly is all about starting with the right tools. Your shaving kit isn’t complete until you have everything you need to get the perfect shave. Start with…


Shave Bowls



Choose shaving kits when you want to have matching accessories. Most sets include everything you need to get started, including razors, aftershaves, creams and brushes. Shave bowls come in a variety of materials and styles, from metals to ceramic and plastic. They are often decorated and can be personalized with artwork or monograms. Soaps are an important part of shaving. They are often scented or have moisturizing properties to correct the dryness of skin that can come with shaving. Aftershave is one of the most personal elements of a shave, as the right scent always comes down to personal choice. Try several to make sure that you find the perfect scent for you.


Travel Kits



Many different types of razors are manufactured today, from straight razors to safety razors and multi-bladed varieties. Experiment with different types to find the one that’s best for your face. Travel kits are a portable alternative to full shaving kits that are perfect for going on vacation or business trips. Travel shaving kits are a great gift in addition to being an important part of any man’s supplies. High-quality shaving creams are necessary for using straight or safety razors. Different creams have different feels and scents, so it’s important to experiment with all the different options that are out there. Pre-shave creams or gels can protect the face from the chemicals and cutting motions that are used in the shaving process. Pre-shave is particularly important for men who have sensitive skin.

Shave Brushes

Straight Razors



Shave brushes come in a diverse mix of styles and materials from boar hair to synthetics. They are designed to apply hot shaving creams, and may also feature exquisite handles from rare materials. Straight razors are an alternative to mass-produced blade razors and are a luxurious experience when used properly with creams. Gel is a modern alternative to classic shaving creams, and may be a good substitute for creams for some skin types. Oil is necessary for the proper care of safety razors and razor blades. Make sure you always have some available to keep your razors in top condition.

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