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About Revolucion Cigars and Gifts


Revolucion is a Canadian store founded by Paul Agelidis in 2005. Our specialty in Vancouver is our rich selection of tobacco and related accessories that will make it easy for you to begin or enjoy this hobby more than ever before. In addition to tobacco, we also provide fine products for men & home gifts. Our selection of brands has been carefully chosen from all around the world. They’re the highest quality, and made with love by people who put everything into the things they create.


You’ll recognize quite a few of the major brands we carry in our store from the impressions they’ve made all over the world. We carry the brands that set trends in personal style, and have long been recognized for their timeless quality. However, we also source our products from an artisan level. Vancouver is filled with people excited about crafting new looks and scents for others.

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“We’re looking to create a community,
not just to meet customers.”

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We want to be your one-stop source for a complete lifestyle. If you enjoy the finer things, you’ll find something to help you express yourself in every part of our collection. At Revolucion, you won’t just find the perfect item; you’ll find knowledgeable people who can tell you everything you want to know about it. We’re looking for a community, not just customers.

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