Beginners Guide to Cigar Shapes and Sizes

October 31, 2023 3 min read

Beginners Guide to Cigar Shapes and Sizes

Cigar aficionados know that the choice of size and shape isn't just an aesthetic preference but a crucial factor that shapes your overall smoking experience. From Robustos to Torpedos, each design influences the draw, burn, and flavor profile of your cigar. 

Understanding these nuances will not only enhance your enjoyment but also add instant depth to your appreciation of the artistry behind every smoke. In this blog, we’ll navigate the intricate world of cigar shapes and sizes, helping guide you toward a richer smoking journey.


Understanding Cigar Dimensions


There are two main dimensions when it comes to cigars: length and ring gauge.

Length is measured in inches, and it sets the timeline for your smoking experience. The longer the cigar, the longer it burns, creating a cooler and longer journey. Shorter ones heat up (and burn) faster and stronger. Think of it like watching a great movie – the length determines how long the story unfolds.

Ring gauge, which measures the diameter of a cigar in 64ths of an inch, also impacts your smoking experience. A larger ring gauge means a wider cigar and more room for varying tobacco blends (and more complex flavors), giving a leisurely smoking experience. On the flip side, a narrower ring gauge intensifies the taste, giving you a concentrated, robust experience.

Pro tip: While not a dimension per se, the wrapper-to-fill ratio will also play a big factor. More wrapper than tobacco means a more dominant and pronounced taste, while more tobacco than wrapper means a softer taste.


Common Cigar Shapes and Sizes

Dimensions are not the only aspect of a perfect smoke you should consider. Shape and sizes are also paramount. Here are some of the most popular ones.

Parejos (Straight Sided)

Classics with straight sides, consistent even burn, and a smooth, unwavering flavor profile.

 parajeos cigar shapes

  1. Petite Corona: Designed for a quicker indulgence, it’s a miniature version of the Corona that maintains its original essence in a more compact form. It has a length of about 4.5” and a ring gauge of 40-42.

  2. Robusto: Short and stout, at 4.75” to 5.5” with a 48-52 ring gauge, delivers a concentrated burst of flavors, making it ideal for those with limited time but a desire for rich tastes.

  3.  Corona: This standard size is perfect for those seeking a balanced smoking experience, measuring 5.5” to 6” in length with a 42-44 ring gauge. 

  4. Panetela: The Panatela's varying lengths and 34-38 ring gauge offer a refined and milder smoke. 

  5. Toro: A popular choice among cigar enthusiasts, characterized by its medium to full-bodied profile and a standard 6x50 ring gauge. This classic size allows for a well-balanced blend of flavors.

  6. Churchill: Named after the iconic Winston Churchill, it boasts around 7” in length and a 47-50 ring gauge, providing an extended, leisurely smoking experience.

Figurados (Irregular Shapes)

A more complex smoking experience due to their changing diameter, which can influence the way the flavors are perceived as the cigar is smoked.

 figurados cigar shapes


  1. Torpedo: Tapering to a pointed head it intensifies the flavors as you progress with a length of 6.5” and a ring gauge of 55.

  2. Belicoso: A shorter torpedo with a rounded head, its 5” length and 54 ring gauge crafts a unique blend of tastes. 

  3. Perfecto: With its bulging middle and narrow ends, it promises a changing flavor profile. It has a length of 4” and a ring gauge of 42-49.

    Choosing The Right Cigar For You

    Selecting the perfect cigar size is similar to finding the right book – it’s about aligning your choice with the moment. While our blog  Beginners Guide to the Cigar Ritual is an excellent read if you’re looking to dive deeper into the topic, here’s a shorter three-point breakdown of how to choose your perfect cigar.

    Occasion and Time

    For those leisurely evenings, opt for longer cigars like Churchills or Panatelas, offering a relaxed, unhurried experience. Shorter cigars like Robustos are ideal for quick breaks, packing intense flavors in a compact form, perfect for those on the go.

    Flavor Preferences

    Cigar size and wrapper ratio significantly influence taste. Larger formats allow for a more gradual, nuanced experience, while smaller ones intensify flavors, offering a concentrated burst of taste. More wrapper than tobacco, on the other hand, offers a stronger flavor profile. 

    choosing the right cigar for you at revolucion style - vancouvers' best cigar and lifestyle shop

    Storage Considerations by Size

    Cigars, like people, have different needs when it comes to their homes. Larger formats demand spacioushumidors to accommodate their length, while compact cigars fit snugly in smaller units. 


    cigar storage - choose the right humidor

    Regardless of size, the key is maintaining consistent humidity and temperature. Too dry, and cigars become brittle. Too damp, and they risk mold. Proper storage preserves the unique qualities of each size. It’s a delicate balance, but one that ensures every cigar matures gracefully, ready to offer its best flavors when you decide it's time to indulge.




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