How To: Smoke Cigars Indoors

October 16, 2023 2 min read

How To: Smoke Cigars Indoors

As an aficionado of fine cigars, you know the joy of savoring a well-crafted cigar in the great outdoors, under the warmth of the sun. However, there are times when the controlled environment indoors offers a unique set of perks, including a more refined olfactory experience and an amplified appreciation for the intricate flavors each cigar holds.

Harnessing the Perks of Indoor Smoking

Smoking cigars indoors provides a controlled environment free from the vagaries of wind and weather. This controlled setting elevates the experience by ensuring a purer aroma, allowing enthusiasts to discern and relish the nuances of each flavor note in the cigar.


Harnessing the Perks of Indoor Smoking

Tips for a Pleasant Indoor Cigar Session

To enjoy your indoor cigar experience without leaving a lingering smell, here are some practical tips:

1. Opt for a Well-Ventilated Room: Select a room with excellent ventilation, ideally with windows on opposing walls. Keep the door closed to maintain controlled airflow.

2. Utilize an Air Purifier with a Carbon Filter: Running an air purifier equipped with a carbon filter will help to efficiently filter and purify the air, minimizing the lingering scent of cigar smoke.

3. Opt for an Efficient Ashtray: Select an ashtray that is designed to effectively contain cigar ashes and minimize odors. Investing in a quality, well-designed ashtray can significantly contribute to maintaining a clean and fresh indoor environment. Empty the ashtray regularly to ensure that it doesn't contribute to unpleasant odors and detract from your indoor smoking experience.





The Synergy of Candles and Indoor Cigar Smoking: 

4. Indulge in the Lampe Berger System: Explore options like the Lampe Berger system, originally devised over a century ago for purifying hospital air. Today, it proves invaluable in eradicating unwanted odors, such as lingering cigar smoke, from indoor spaces. Incorporating this effective aroma control solution ensures a pleasant and odor-free atmosphere during your indoor cigar sessions.

5. The Synergy of Candles:Candles, carefully chosen for their complementary scents and ambiance, serve as a crucial element in the indoor cigar-smoking experience. Their gentle glow enhances the setting, providing a relaxing and inviting atmosphere. The chosen scents, when thoughtfully paired with the nuances of the cigar, can accentuate and enrich the olfactory dimensions of the smoke, creating a sensory symphony. Beyond mere illumination, well-selected candles contribute to the overall ambiance, adding an expertly crafted layer to the discerning aficionado's indoor cigar ritual. We offer a huge variety of luxury candles from popular brands such as Mistral, Zippo, Himalayan,  & more!

By embracing these strategies, you unlock the door to a truly exceptional indoor cigar experience—an environment where the essence of your cherished cigars mingles with pristine air. Let the symphony of flavors dance in the refined setting, free from any intrusive odors. Revel in the art of smoking, enveloped in a space carefully tailored for aficionados like yourself. May your indoor cigar experience be an odyssey of pleasure and discovery.

Enjoy the journey!

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