Casa Turrent 1880 Rosado Gordito Medium Strength Mexican Cigars

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From the same company that brought you Te-Amo cigars! From the oldest and largest grower in Mexico.

The 1880 Rosado is the result of the carefully selected batches of the 3 Cuban seed tobaccos harvested in the San Andres Valley by the Turrent family - Habano Mexico, Habano Criollo and Habano 2000. The blending of these three tobaccos has made the crafting of this, the fifth variant of the 1880 range possible. 


Size Gordito
Strength Medium
Length 4
Gauge 60
Filler Habano Criollo San Andres, Habano Mexico San Andres & Habano 2000
Binder Habano Criollo San Andres
Wrapper Habano Mexico San Andres
Country Mexico
Tasting notes florals, coconut, cinnamon