Acid Kuba Kuba Robusto Mild-Medium Strength Nicaraguan Cigars

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Acid Kuba Kuba is the best-selling cigar in the Acid Blue range, featuring a savory Sumatra wrapper over Nicaraguan long-fillers and a closely-guarded secret blend of herbs and botanicals.

Every handmade stick will have a perfect burn and draw, as well as a genuinely distinct flavor profile that will keep you licking your lips long after the smoke has passed. Kuba Kuba is a mellow-to-medium-bodied, creamy, sweet, herbaceous, and fragrant smoke.


Size Robusto
Strength Flavored - Mild/Medium
Length 5
Gauge 54
Filler Nicaraguan
Binder Nicaraguan
Wrapper Sumatra
Country Nicaraguan
Tasting notes Sweet spices, Sweet tea