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Not sure of what you need? If you want to do things right, you should take advantage of the great smoking tools that have set the standard for decades. Here’s some more information about the tools among our products and how they’re used.

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Lighters are necessary for pipes and cigars, but different types are often used. Pipe lighters are those that are designed to fire to one side. This is because they must often be held downward to light a pipe. Unlike typical cigarette lighters, cigar lighters are usually jets, to provide more consistent heating. Cases are helpful if you’re going to be bringing your cigars on the go with you. Cigar cases are crafted with stiff leather that won’t allow your cigars to be crushed or tossed around as easily. Cutters are only needed for cigars, but they are vital for using them properly. Cutters are designed to take the end off of the tip of the cigar without dragging out any of the tobacco. Most cutters use opposite blades that snapped together quickly to create a clean cut. Punchers are an innovation on the traditional cutter. Instead of cutting with two blades, the puncher uses a metal tube with one end sharpened. The puncher is simply pushed into the cigar, and then then pulled out—along with a small tab of the cigar.

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Our collection spans the entire world and is large enough that everyone will be able to find something they like. All of our cigars carefully protected by humidors that guarantee the proper moisture level at all times. Visit us to get recommendations from our staff. The art of smoking the pipe is alive and well at this Vancouvertobacco shop!Find the best blends from sources old and new. Find a large selection of important accessories. Ask our staff for expert advice on using and cleaning smoking pipes. Find flavorful blends sourced from all over the world. The blends we procure add another dimension to the experience with flavors that include honey, dark fruits and spices! We carry a large variety of cigarettes, other smoking products and accessories. Please see our other collections or call to request information on how we can help you find what you’re looking for.

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