Our Vancouver Pipe Tobacco FAQs

What flavors does pipe tobacco come in?

All kinds. Different breeds of tobacco plants have been cultivated for centuries, and in that time many incredible flavors have been developed. It is also common for tobaccos to have added flavors that bring out an amazing taste in the smoke. Popular options include dark fruit flavors like cherry, apples, spice flavors and earthy woods like maple.

How is pipe tobacco flavored?

Some tobaccos use only the flavor of the tobacco, but even that’s enough for a complex and noticeable flavor. Other tobaccos use added flavors called casings that include ingredients like chocolate and liquor. The most interesting flavors are achieved by blending different types of tobaccos and cases together to create exciting new tastes.

Do the different blends have names?

Yes. Those blends that have added flavor casings are often known as aromatic blends. Aromatic blends often have a strong and pleasing aroma that also comes out in the smoke if it’s cool enough to be tasted. Not all aromatics are alike. Plenty of varieties are available for those who prefer only light flavorings. Non-aromatic blends are those that rely exclusively on the flavors of the different tobaccos. Despite the name, they too are known for having a pleasant aroma. Tobacco growers and blenders use many proprietary processes to bring out a sweeter flavor in their tobaccos.

Tobacco Varieties Guide

Most blends of pipe tobacco will contain one of these tobacco varieties. Use this short guide to learn more about these blends and which one may be responsible for the flavors you love so much. Use what you learn here to ask better questions about the tobacco you’re buying and to more quickly find the one that’s just right for you.

Virginia Bright Burley
Virginia is present is almost every tobacco blend. It has a light and sweet taste that matches well to most other tobaccos. It also burns well, so it can be used to round out faster-burning blends. Bright is another tobacco that has been cultivated for its mild flavor. It is mostly grown in the Carolinas. The flavor is almost imperceptible when mixed with other tobaccos. Burley is a pleasant smelling pipe tobacco with a nutty taste. It is added to many blends because it is one of the slowest-burning of all widely cultivated tobaccos. Blending it in can slow the speed that the entire blend burns.
Brazil Perique Latakia
Brazil is present in many darker blends. It has a sweet flavor that’s strong enough to step to the front of all the other flavors in the blend. Perique is one of the most popular tobacco varieties for imparting a spicy taste to a blend. It is traditionally grown in the delta region in the US, including Louisiana. Latakia is the leaf that gives English Blends their strong, distinct flavor. It may be present in other blends, but can always be found in English blends to different degrees of intensity.