Rolling Tobacco (RYO)

Rolling tobacco is a versatile and flavorful option for smokers who enjoy a customized smoking experience. Unlike pre-made cigarettes, rolling tobacco allows users to create a unique blend of tobacco and paper to suit their preferences. It comes in a variety of flavors, including traditional tobacco, menthol, and fruit-infused options, and can be found in various strengths to suit different tastes. Popular brands like American Spirit, Drum, and Pall Mall offer a range of high-quality rolling tobacco blends for discerning smokers.

Frequently Asked Questions about Rolling Tobacco

Where is rolling tobacco grown?

The tobacco that is used for hand-rolled tobacco is grown all around the world. American, Brazilian, Syrian and other types of tobaccos are often blended together to form more nuanced and interesting flavors. The rolling tobacco in Vancouver, available online and at our stores, comes in both traditional flavors and artisan-mixed blends.


Can pipe tobacco be used for hand-rolled cigarettes?

Yes, but it’s not necessarily ideal The most significant difference between tobacco designed for rolling and tobacco designed for pipes is the way that it’s cut, and the temperature it’s designed to burn at. Rolling tobaccos are typically cut into some of the smallest sizes possible, where pipe tobaccos are typically longer and more stringy. Pipe tobacco may burn too slowly to be comfortable when bound into rolling papers.


Can hand-rolled cigarettes be filtered?

Yes. Hand-rolled cigarettes can be filtered if you choose to buy the filters ahead of time and roll them into the cigar. They can be found at nearly all smoking supply stores. Sets of disposable filters may come packaged with certain blends of tobacco.