Joya De Nicaragua Antano Machito 1970 Full Strength Nicaraguan Cigar

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The reputation of this renowned brand, which was ravaged for many years when Nicaragua was in upheaval, needed to be restored. These black, oily, and full-bodied cigars were created to do just that. Since they were initially introduced to the market, they have even been consumed in the White House. They were first hand rolled in Nicaragua's first cigar factory, which was founded in 1964. You can find out why the name Joya de Nicaragua, which translates to "Jewel of Nicaragua," is appropriate by trying these. One of the most coveted Nicaraguan cigars on the market today are these.


Size Petit Corona
Strength Full
Length 4 3/4"
Gauge 42
Filler Nicaragua
Binder Nicaragua
Wrapper Nicaragua
Country Nicaragua
Tasting notes oak, coffee