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Fragrances give the interior of your home an instant personality. You can set the tone you want by investing in a range of great scents that can help make a great impression on your house guests.

Of course, it doesn’t have to be just about what your guests might think. Scents can powerfully affect the way you enjoy living in your home. Many people claim that scents have the power to help them relax, or to wake up, or to focus. It is worth experimenting to find out how wonderfully different fragrances might affect you.

Diffusing Oils for Lasting Home Fragrances

One of the most effective ways to spread fragrances throughout your home is with oil diffusers. These small devices heat scented oils to allow a fragrance to filter throughout a large area. They are great for both daily use and as a quick way to prepare a room for guests coming over.

We carry a large selection of different fragrances, each of which tells your guest a little something about you.

What Tops Scents tell Visitors about Your Home?

In places like Vancouver, home fragrances can differ dramatically from person to person. Here are some of the ways you can send the right message with a scent.




Fruit scents are great for creating a sense of peace at any time of year. They are the best scents to use during the spring and summer time because they put the fragrances of your home in balance with the natural scents of spring and summer. Popular fruit oils that we carry include flavors like orange, lemon and melon. When winter comes, you can create a cozy atmosphere for your home simply by filling the air with the scents of spices. Warming spices such as cinnamon can be an amazing comfort in the longer nights of the year, and vanilla can create an uplifting atmosphere that blends well with the natural scents of winter. Woods are an excellent scent for communicating a sense of sophistication. Cedar is one of the most common scents, and it can make the air in your home reminiscent of a cozy winter cabin or a retreat out in the woods. Other woods that are used in scents include Sandalwood. Each one can give a feeling of peaceful seclusion for those recharging days.



Designer Scents

Flowery scents have been used to perfume homes for centuries, and the ones that survive today are known to have a strong positive effect on the smells around them. Enhance your living space withhome fragrances that pleasantly bloom like jasmine, lavender and orange blossoms. Patchouli is a scent, which more than many others, has a sense of personality. It is immediately evident to anyone who comes in, and very effective at winning out against other stubborn smells you want to cover up. It has an inviting mint undertone. Nearly every designer of scents, including our suppliers, have blends that defy definition. These are blends that are designed carefully by scent experts and often named after feelings, places and moods. A good supply of them can help you set a mood anytime.

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