Earth's Essence - Sacred Land Incense Cones

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Experience the exquisite scent of Earth Essence's Sacred Land Incense Cone Collection. This unique blend of Sweet Grass, Vanilla, and Ylang-ylang is sure to enchant and transport you to a place of enchantment and tranquility. Let yourself be soothed by the subtle fragrances and allow yourself to relax and unwind.

Introducing Earth's Essence: a unique, women and Indigenous-owned incense and fragrance brand based in Canada. Handcrafted in small batches using high-quality essential oils, Earth's Essence captures the spirit of nature's aromatic magic. With a deep respect for the planet, each fragrance is meticulously created, infusing the wild beauty of Canada's landscapes into every product. By honoring sustainable practices and collaborating with local Indigenous communities, Earth's Essence offers a sensory journey that celebrates authenticity, craftsmanship, and our profound connection to Mother Earth.