Home Accessories in Vancouver

Whether you want to decorate your own apartment just your office or man cave at home, you can find all the accessories and decor to suit your style at our store and online shop. We carry a wide variety of products that suit different men’s preferences for colours, styles, materials, and decorations.

Make your home space definitively yours while still being attractive to your guests with high quality products such as mugs, letter openers, globes, and more.

Picking Accessories to Suit Your Style

Do you like older and more traditional looking styles, do you prefer clean and modern aesthetics, or something else entirely? There are tons of different styles to pick for your home, and there are tons of decor products that can help you showcase your personality.



Desk Accessories

A popular decoration choice for many years, you can now get globes in all kinds of different colours, materials and shapes. Get them in an abstract shape, made of glass or metal, or of different plants and constellations. Whether you have a traditional or modern style, your choice of globe can showcase that perfectly.

Mugs that you use for storing pens and desk accessories, or to drink your coffee, can have a surprisingly complimentary effect on the rest of your decor. Do you have a mug that has bright colours? Does it have a picture on it? Is it made from metal? How is it shaped? Think about how the rest of your office is styled for ideas.

If you are decorating your office, you can get useful items such as pens or letter openers in different styles that match the theme for the rest of the room. A nice, old-fashioned fountain pen and letter opener would go well with traditional, dark-wood desks and furniture.

Watches & Boxes

Tabletop Fireplaces


If you like to wear and collect stylish watches, or other men’s jewellery and accessories, you can get boxes and storage containers to both help keep them organized as well as match the style of your room. Add a little warmth and mood lighting using one of our tabletop fireplaces from Eco Feu. They use real flame using ethanol fuel, and are sized to sit on any surface with clean glass and metal shapes and styling. When setting the tone for your home, don’t forget about scents. You can impress your guests with a house or room that always smells clean and fresh using deodorizers in your closet, by your sport equipment, and so on.

Ask About Our Home Accessories in Vancouver or Online

If you want to know more about how to decorate your home, apartment or room with different home decor products, you can reach out to us to ask at any time. We know a lot of men have never put much thought into exploring their personal sense of style, and we want to help you figure out what suits you. Either visit our contact page for our information or swing by our flagship store located in Vancouver for a chat.