Find Your Style from Our Pen Shop in Vancouver

A pen is an accessory that can say a lot about you. They are not just highly useful in your day-to-day life, but can also be a part of your personal fashion and presentation.

For centuries, people carried pens that were as treasured as a signature lighter or pipe. Today’s models come in massive variety of materials, finishes, designs and mechanical styles. In short, there is a pen out there for everyone.

Choose the Right Pen Model to Stand Out

Let those around you know who you are with an attractive pen that completes your personal or professional daily equipment. Certain models can suggest a lot about who you are. Here are some of the options worth considering, and what they say about you.

Retro Pens

Modern/Space Pens

Professional Pens

Pens have been a fashion mainstay for a very long time, and some fountain-style models are still being made—selling as well today as they were 50 years ago. Choose retro models with art deco lines and other styles if you want to express a timeless style. Enjoy the feel of classical working mechanisms and the sturdy construction of retro models and vintage models.

Modern models are known for their organic shapes, sharp looks and updated features. Many of these new models were designed with fashion in mind. They set themselves apart with eye-catching new color options like metallic sprays and digitally-detailed imagery. Choose a modern pen if you want it to be noticed.

A reliable and professional-looking pen should be the constant companion of every lawyer, journalist or regular dealmaker of any type. Professional models are great graduation gifts for many professional majors because it can become used and treasured for an entire career.

There are dozens of other styles available, and our stock is updated regularly. Check back at our Vancouver pen shop often for new models of all styles, including fountain pens, imported pens, Japanese pens, and other models that have been carefully curated and chosen from all over the world.

Stay ahead of Outages with Refill Packs

When you buying a writing implement that fits your style, make sure you keep them fully functional by stocking up on refill packs for top brands like Retro 51, Dunhill, Dupont, Ferrari and Porsche pens.

Refill packs offer you another chance to better customize your personal style. Take advantage of all the different ink colors that are available in refill packs. Make sure you grab a variety so that your pen can always be ready with the color that you need.

We have refills available to fit most of the pens that we sell. For any others, you can find information on refills at the site of your pen’s manufacturer.

Get Help with our Pens in Vancouver

If you need help, you can get it by emailing us for visiting our shop for pens in Vancouver. We have many other items to help you make the right impression, including other types of pocket accessories. Our team is ready to answer any questions you have about your purchase.