Grooming Accessories for Men in Vancouver

Find everything you need to keep looking sharp all day with our men’s grooming accessories in Vancouver.

We carry a wide range of grooming accessories from men’s care manufacturers that have been perfecting their products for years. Choose from storied brands like Kent, Beardbrand, EJ, Swiss and many more.

Complete Your Grooming Accessories Kit

A complete men’s grooming kit will include everything you need to take care of your beard, nose, nails, and so on. Make sure that yours includes all of the most important tools like these...

What Every Grooming Kit Needs



Nose Trimmers

Every man needs a proper collection of combs to handle different tasks. With the right types, all of which can be found in our collection, you can handle anything from quick shaping to fine detailing. Maintain complex haircuts by choosing combs that are wide-toothed, or fine enough to give your hair the support it needs. Brushes are an important part of any grooming kit, and are available in a wide variety of different sizes, handle materials, bristle sources and shapes. To find out how your hair or haircut responds to different bristles, experiment with all types including boar hair, nylon and other synthetics. Your daily facial care routine isn’t complete until you’ve addressed unsightly nose hair. The devices included in our kits include some of the latest technology to make this habit easy and pain-free. Try our precise clippers and electronic devices to take your daily grooming to the next level.

Beard Care

Nail Clippers

Manicure Kits

Make your beard look better than ever by choosing from our selection of grooming accessories, including brushes, scissors and balms. Find even more beard shaving and styling accessories in our online store. Your nails are more noticeable than you might think. Keep them looking their best by having a good collection of different nail clippers. Our online selection and store include clippers for both your fingernails and toenails. We carry an excellent selection of men’s self-manicure kits made by great brands like Wusthof. These kits, each with their own styles, colors and small collection of accessories, are ready for home use or for traveling.

These are just some of the options that are available. If you want to stay looking your best at all times, take a look at our many other products. For other men’s grooming products, see our selection of fragrances, shaving kits and bath and body products.

Questions about our Grooming Kits?

If you have questions about any of our grooming accessories in Vancouver, the team members at our flagship store would love to help you. Visit so that you can view or handle any of the high-quality accessories we offer, and talk to our helpful staff.

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