Impress and Enjoy Drinks more with Bar Tools

If you like throwing parties for friends and family, one of the keys to being a great host is having the right tools for each job a host can have.

There are a lot of ways you can go the extra mile to impress party guests, but having these tools is also a way to refine and perfect the elements you want for your own personal enjoyment. Bar tools have been developed (some over hundreds of years) to more efficiently and masterfully deliver the best experience.

How Bar Tools Improve Your Style

Here are some of the most common bar tools in Vancouver, and how they can improve how you design your drinks and cocktails.

Cooling rods

Cork Jacks and Screws

Aerators & Stoppers

Cooling rods are a must if you like to be ready with a cooled glass of wine. Many wines are best stored at room temperature, but you can still be ready to have them chilled in minutes with a cooling rod. Easy to both use and clean, cooling rods are stored in the freezer and simply inserted into wine bottles or carafes when it’s time to use. Pulling out a bottle of wine can be a great way to put a romantic spin on an evening, but it’s less romantic if you have to spend several minutes struggling with a finicky cork. Protect yourself from the risk by investing in Cork Jacks and Screws that are designed to cleanly and expertly remove corks. Our selection includes well-made versions that will perform when needed. Once the wine is opened, you can customize your experience of it with the use of Aerators and stoppers. Aerators are an alternative to serving the wine out of a decanter. Through the use of shaped glass, Aerators tumble the wine as it is poured. This has the effect of letting the wine breathe even when it’s served directly from the bottle into the wine glass.

Flask Funnels


Pick-Up Tools

If you like filling a flask on a go, flask funnel are a bar tool can save you awkwardly tilting a bottle over the sink until you manage to fill it (and lose some of it). Our funnels have a wide bowl and narrow tubes to allow you to easily fill wide or narrow-mouthed flasks. Muddlers are a soft tool, usually made from wood, that are designed for crushing ingredients in mixed drinks without necessarily breaking up the ice. Muddlers are most often used to make mint cocktails such as the mint julep and the Mojito. You can get really creative with muddlers to create signature cocktails with fruit. Pick-up tools are the tools of master drink mixers. This tool allows you, without using your fingers, to gently remove elements from your mixed drink such as muddled leaves, small chunks of ice and other unwanted items that are part of the mixing product. Get one for your home bar if you want to serve drinks that are perfect to the ingredient.