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Ekke Tumblers - Set of 2 Charcoal Gray


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Ekke Small Tumblers  (Set of 2) 

8 fl. oz. | 2 1/2" H

Mouth-blown, Non-lead Crystal / Czech Republic

The spare lines of these mouth-blown, non-lead crystal tumblers create a look as simple as it is refined and their easy stacking means they are a snap to store efficiently.

This set of 2 Ekke Small Tumblers was specifically designed for vodka and gin, but the glasses work equally well for any one of your favorite spirits where quality is more important than quantity. Each glass is handmade and hand-polished using a compound that is usually reserved for optical lenses. Despite their unique appearance, the glasses are made to be used and are dishwasher safe.

Designer: Roman Vrtiska (Czech Republic)
Material: Mouth-blown, Non-lead Crystal
Origin: Czech Republic

  • The perfect vodka tumblers.
  • Straight lines and right angles combine in a low profile to offer simplicity and sophistication.
  • Entirely handmade and polished with an optical lens solution for outstanding clarity.
  • Range of jewel tone colors derived from centuries’ old proprietary “recipes” of metallic oxides.
  • The diameter of the foot is slightly inset to make stacking and storage a snap.
  • Dishwasher safe.