What's in a wallet? A lot more than money...

October 02, 2018 2 min read

What's in a wallet? A lot more than money...

Wallets. They are an everyday essential, but they are also markers of our identity. On one hand, we see a frayed wallet that sloppily flops open to convey its contents. Loose bills flap around, receipts reveal themselves. On the other hand, we visualize a product as sleek as its owner. The man in the tailored suit who pulls out a subtly stylish leather billfold. The look is effortless, complete. It combines attractive design and subtlety. 


Wallets have gone through a series of small style evolutions since their inception. At first, they were a small leather satchel designed to hold coins and jewels next to one’s toga or robe. According to mythology, the Greek god Hermes used a leather satchel to carry his messages. It wasn’t until the 1600’s that the flat wallet, designed to carry paper currency, was born. This is ultimately what led to the luxury leather wallet as we know it today, with some mildly disturbing deviations such as the velcro wallet worn chained to the denim shorts of the 1990’s. 


Despite some stylistic fluctuations, a well-made leather wallet has situated itself as the prime prospect for a man looking to demonstrate his goodsense. It alludes to financial stability, to a certain leather-bound independence. A good wallet says “I got this.” It’s an essential piece of our everyday machinery. 



Now, with the advent of credit cards and advanced card-reading technology, we need a wallet that does more than hold our crash and create an unflattering bulge in our back pocket. That’s why there’s Secrid. A secrid wallet is a modern man’s mechanism, combining a luxury look with sheer practicality. It’s sleek, slim. And, it keeps you protected. There is an aluminum core within each wallet that prevents unwanted wireless communication from stealing the information on your card. 


When buying a product, it’s never enough to just know that it looks good. We need to ask questions about that product, questions reflecting the ethics behind its creation. Questions about its quality. 



Secrid knows this and has been dedicated to working closely with suppliers to guarantee the absolute highest quality product possible. The leather is made exclusively from Europe’s finest cowhide, with the bulk of it coming from where the company is based, in The Netherlands. Secrid also makes sure to create ideal working conditions and a clean production. At its core, Secrid is a company concerned with the way their products and design interact with the word. 


The modern man thinks globally, consciously. And so does Secrid. 

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