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by Elizabeth Just 2 min read

Early explorers charted the world onto a map. They went towards the unknown, working with little but a hunch and some decent royal funding. Sure, some were driven by dreams of riches and dominance, but many were driven by curiosity. People set sail so that they could see.They wanted to know what was out there, to feel the fresh sea breeze and the air of possibility. 


Our maps gradually began to change as new discoveries were made. Globes certainly always served a decorative purpose; however, they were also a way of demonstrating a newfound knowledge, of showing that our vision of the earth was getting a little bit clearer. And soon, the earth was no longer enough. We took our explorations outside of it. We made maps of our solar system, charted the stars. We now know what other planets look like. We can look beyond our own seas. 


We gained satellite images. We can measure land masses with accuracy and setting sail no longer means throwing oneself into the unknown. We can put our phones on bluetooth and listen to precise directions, getting to and from with an automation akin to a being no less than fully robotic. 


Maybe if we just want to get from our location to our destination, then this one dimensional notion of navigation will work out just fine. But if we want to look at all that is in between those points, if we want to see our destination as more than just a place to get to, if we believe that there must still be some wonder in the world, then we have Mova globes. 



Mova utilizes solar technology to create high-quality globes that spin independently. With no cords and no batteries, there is nothing to distract from the sheer beauty of their incredible graphics and design. It will immediately draw interest, curating the lost art of curiosity amongst anyone who sees the piece in your home. 


Handmade globes are very nearly extinct. Most have traded in this elaborate art for the convenience of mass-production, but Mova has decided to honor the long and extensive history of globe making through high quality products and eco friendly movement. It’s a genuine respect for the world and all that is in it. 



Mova goes takes globe making to a new level. They have more classical maps in varying designs and colors, but they also produce slightly less classic celestial globes and graphically stunning spherical paintings. 


Each globe is inspired not only by the earth, but by what on this earth moves you. 

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