The 5 Amazing Cuban Cigars You Need to Light Up

February 28, 2019 4 min read

The 5 Amazing Cuban Cigars You Need to Light Up

Looking for the best ones to try out? We have you covered. 

Here are the top 5 Cuban cigars that go right in with your lifestyle.



Montecristo Habana Revolucion Lifestyle Cigarshop Vancouver


1. Montecristo N4 - Cuba

The name of Montecristo is bound to come up when you are talking about Cuban cigars. The No.4 is the top selling cigar in the whole world and for good reasons. The cigars provide a consistent experience in all aspects and ideal for people stepping into the realm of Cuban tobacco for the first time.

Montecristo N4 cigars are firmly constructed and well packed. The 4-inch long short and thin cigars are perfect after lunch providing you a flavourful smoke for 30 minutes to 1 hour. The sticks light up with the touch of a flame and the first half offers you a hint of spice and earthy notes. 

In the middle, you can notice the strong flavors with a touch of coffee and cream notes. Gradually the chocolate and fruit flavors reveal themselves while the spicy tone reaches its peak. The flavors are always well-balanced and never overwhelm the taste of the Cuban filling. 


  • Rich, flavourful and smooth
  • Goes along with most drinks
  • Consistent draw and burn



RYJ Romeo Y Juliet Cuban Cigar Revolucion Lifestyle Cigarshop Vancouver


2. RYJ (Romeo Y Juliet) Mille Fleur - Cuba

Named after the tragic lovers created by William Shakespeare, RYJ ( Romeo-Y-Juliet ) has been providing a satisfying smoking experience to its followers since 1875.

RYJ was the favorite brand of British Prime Minister Winston Churchill and won several awards at testing exhibitions in the 1900s. You can see the gold medals in the logo of the leading cigar brand in Cuba.

Right in sync with the name, RYJ offers refreshing floral flavors right off the first draw. You can also feel the presence of sweet spice and hazelnut tone as you progress towards the middle part. Gradually the earthen tone sets in carrying along fruity and wood flavors. As you are nearing the end, the spice becomes strong and tones of cedar and pepper kick in. 

You can notice each flavor separately over a smoking period of roughly one hour. Both beginners and experienced smokers can enjoy the affordable RYJ which comes in 5-inch sticks. 


  • Well-balanced flavors
  • Taste becomes enhanced with aging
  • The mild profile makes it suitable for beginners



Trinidad Cuban Cigar Revolucion Lifestyle Cigarshop Vancouver


3. Trinidad Vigia

Once reserved only for dignitaries and diplomats, Trinidad quickly became popular with smokers when they commercially hit the market in 1998. The Vigia is a short and fat alternative to the long Fundadores and provides a well-balanced mix of flavors along with the Cuban taste. 

Trinidad's eucalyptus, honey and woody notes travel down your throat as you take the first few puffs. The draws are firm with adequate strength and leave a smooth and silky after taste. Touches of lightly toasted oak and graham crackers complement the honey and earth flavor during the second third of the smoke. 

The last half of the cigar brings up notes of roasted nuts while the sweetness spikes up. Each drawing enables you to taste the richness of one flavor while the others subtly complement it. The whole cigar burns effortlessly with impressive strength devoid of any harsh notes. 


  • Rich flavourful profile
  • Optimum complexity for expert smokers
  • Medium level strength with excellent after-finish



Montecristo Habana Revolucion Lifestyle Cigarshop Vancouver


4. Montecristo N2 - Cuba

The Montecristo N2 needs no introduction to even someone who is into Cuban cigars for a few months. The N2 has remained unchanged since 1935 and has grown to be one of the top Cuban cigars in the world. The cigar was awarded the best cigar of the year by Cigar Aficionado magazine in 2013.

The well-made N2 is solid in appearance and you can feel notes of spice, earth, and cocoa in the pre-light draw. Tinges of almond and cinnamon reveal themselves as you light up complemented by subtle notes of oak. The taste becomes solid, as you burn through the cigar introducing a subtle salty, savory note.

The last half entertains your senses with touches of cedar and black and white pepper. The oak also becomes sharper though it never crosses the sweet taste of cedar. 


  • Provides a rich blend of flavors
  • Offers a steady and consistent smoke
  • Flawless construction and appearance



Cohiba Revolucion Lifestyle Cigarshop Vancouver


5. Cohiba Siglo VI

How about puffing on a cigar that was once made exclusively for Fidel Castro? 

The Cohiba Siglo VI was introduced in 2002 and considered to be the best of the line. It's quite attractive in its yellow and black colors and comes in a soft buttery wrapper. You can pick up the smell of earth, cocoa and cedar right after you open the box. 

The pre-light draw reveals the cocoa and cedar flavors and offers a slight resistance. Once you light up, the pepper and spicy flavors come up leaving a sweet after taste of coffee, vanilla, and earth. 

New flavors are introduced as you reach the second third giving the cigars a complex flavor profile. The spice really hits you along with touches of leather and peppery earth making it a versatile treat. The third half enriches the taste with tonnes of dried wood, flowers, and dried nuts while retaining the flavor profile of the second half. 

Overall, you get a smooth and velvety smoking experience that lasts for 1 hour to 90 minutes.


  • Delicious floral notes
  • The right mix of spices for a rich taste
  • Tastes great right out of the box


So which one are you going to light up tonight? Talk with our team at Revolucion store to hear a variety of tips and make your choices based on what you think you’ll like.

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