Trinidad Vigia H/m Odd Medium Strength Cuban Cigars

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Once Havana's Special brand, the Trinidad was used for gift purposes for several years. The cigars were launched for the general public in 1998 as the Trinidad Fundadores.

The filler, which is well-placed in a Claro wrapper, gives raw notes of chocolate and toasted nuts. The volutes are generous, and the draw shows minimal restraint. The nutty tones are perfectly in keeping with the brand's aromatic pallet, enveloped in a creamy touch. The woody notes aren't overpowering. The interaction with this Petit Robusto is free of bitterness.


Size Odd
Strength Medium
Length 4 3/8"
Gauge 54
Filler Cuba
Binder Cuba
Wrapper Cuba
Country Cuba
Tasting notes

anise, almond, Chocolate