Seattle Pipe Club Seattle Evening Tobacco - 50g

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Seattle Pipe Club Seattle Evening Tobacco is like the vision when sunset casts long shadows over the ferry boats of Puget Sound. A cup of good coffee and a fine pipe make this unhurried scene a memory. Master Blender Joe Lankford created Seattle Evening to share the Northwest experience. Rich, smoky, spicy, luxurious. Ingredients: An English blend of Latakia, Turkish Orientals, Red Virginias. All SPC blends are specially packed for Canada in Plain Packaged tins for compliance and perfect freshness!

50g tin.

Seattle Pipe Club Tobaccos, created by club member Joe Lankford, are unique blends, with a leaning toward bold flavour. Plum Pudding is a rich and smoky English-style, Mississippi River is an unusually robust Virginia-heavy blend, and Seattle Evening is redolent with fragrant Orientals. Since those initial three were released, the Seattle Pipe Club has introduced a nice assortment of blends in just about every genre, so no matter what kind of pipe tobacco you prefer, there’s something here for you.