Romeo Y Julieta Belvederes Hf Petit Corona Medium Strength Cuban Cigars

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Founded by Alvarez y Garcia in 1875 and named after Shakespeare's tragic lovers- Romeo Y Julieta. The brand rose to fame in 1903 under the direction of a talented promoter- Don 'Pepin'.

The Romeo y Julieta brand is known for its medium-bodied cigars. Woody and beany flavors are explored, but always in a light fashion, making this cigar quite soft. To avoid burning the tobacco, the small ring gauge necessitates a regulated smoking. Can be enjoyed by all.


Size Petit Corona
Strength Mild-Medium
Length 4 7/8"
Gauge 39
Filler Cuban
Binder Cuban
Wrapper Cuban
Country Cuba
Tasting notes Floral, Tangerine