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Postcard Revolucion Yaletown/Mainland St 6x4



Product Description

Revolucion exclusive postcard design in stone paper

Stone Paper® products are an innovative new alternative to pulp and pure synthetic paper, made using 80-85% mineral content CaC03. Not a single tree or drop of water are used to manufacture Stone Paper® materials, nor any of the harmful acids, dyes, and bleaches otherwise required to whiten and treat pulp-based paper. This process avoids the air and water pollution associated with pulp paper production, while also using 85% less energy that result in up to 67% smaller front-end carbon footprint.

Tree Free

Tree Free

Absolutely zero trees are utilized in our manufacturing process.

Water Free

Water Free

No use of water is needed in the making of our Stone Paper®.

Water Proof


Our products are perfect for use in the elements.

Tear Resistant

Tear Resistant

Extremely durable and completely re-usable.

Chemical Free

Chemical Free

No harmful chemicals or dyes are used in manufacturing.

Low Carbon Footprint

CO2 Footprint

Up to 67% smaller carbon footprint than paper made from trees.