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Organic Greek Extra Virgin Olive Oil



Product Description

From the Koroneiki olive groves of Greece's Peloponnese region comes Golden Olive Eleni®: our organic extra virgin olive oil. Produced by Basil Olive Oil Products Limited, Golden Olive Eleni® is in a league of its own. Having won countless awards for colour, flavour and aroma, this olive oil is well-loved by foodies and chefs alike. Our olives are hand picked and first/cold-pressed to ensure the freshest olive oil possible. This is a product of organic farming and has not been blended or adulterated. No additives, preservatives, sulphates or artificial flavours or colours have been added. 

Basil Olive Oil Products is happy to announce its olive oil and olives are certified in Canada by the British Columbia Association for Regenerative Agriculture (BCARA). With the exception of its olive oil and olives, all other BOOP products are certified organic by DIO Greece and do not carry any organic certification in Canada under BCARA. Please note: BOOP's handmade soap is made with organic olive oil (which again is certified by both DIO Greece and BCARA), but the end product itself does not carry any organic certification of its own through either of these certifying bodies.