Matilde Renacer Grande Gordo Medium-Full Dominican Cigars

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The blend is comprised of primarily Dominican tobacco fillers and binder with a hint of Nicaraguan tobacco, covered in a rich Ecuadoran Habano wrapper. Seijas is now fortunate to have complete control of the manufacturing process, with his years of experience and acquired knowledge using the finest techniques to produce his cigars. A single leaf is used from foot to head and the cigar is also capped from a single leaf. This method not only creates a beautiful end product but also improves the consistency of the burn. The cigars are then aged an additional 90 days after rolling to bring out the blends richness and flavor. Seijas even goes a step further, insisting on hiring cigar rollers who smoke cigars, a move he thinks makes for a superior end product. So here’s your chance to try this medium to full bodied boutique cigar from a cigar legend, a man that is one of the most passionate cigar guys in the industry.

Size Gordo
Strength Medium-Full
Length 6"
Gauge 60
Filler Dom. Rep., Nicaragua
Binder Dom. Rep.
Wrapper Ecuadorian Habano
Country Dominican Republic
Tasting notes nougat, Cinnamon