King & Country Styling Paste Reserve Matte

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The Reserve Styling Paste's medium hold, matte finish will give you a natural look that will endure whatever adventure you may find yourself on. Its light weight formula allows for easy distribution throughout your hair and washes out easily thanks to its water soluble quality. A subtle bergamot scent will keep your hair smelling as light and fresh as it feels.

King and Country Grooming (KCG) is a brand that aims to bring quality grooming products to Canadians while embracing a fearless and un-daunting approach to life. Established in 2013, KCG focuses on developing water-soluble and pH-conscious products that are easy to use and maintain your desired style. With strict quality control through small batch productions, KCG ensures consistency and excellence in every product. Formulated using the finest ingredients tested and developed by barbers, stylists, and industry professionals, King and Country Grooming proudly creates its products in Vancouver, Canada.