Bulldog Canvas Cold Extreme White Dry Hybrid Snus

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Bulldog Canvas Cold Extreme White Dry Hybrid Snus is a powerful and balanced mix of traditional spicy tobacco and subtle citrus-bergamot undertones. This premium Swedish chew bag provides a powerful nicotine hit with minimal drip and a lingering taste experience. Crafted with a near all-white composition and a whisper of tobacco, Canvas Extreme will deliver a unique and sophisticated experience.

Bulldog snus is manufactured by GN Tobacco, makers' of White Fox & Siberia. It is a hybrid snus, containing a small amount of tobacco (0.05g per tin) with the remainder consisting of nicotine salts, the typical ingredient of nicotine pouches. As there are no tobacco-free nicotine pouches approved by Health Canada, this is about as close as one can get in Canada in the legal market. Powerful cooling flavour from real mint oils with 0% Moisture.