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Zippo Souvenir Canadian Culture Lighter

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The Zippo souvenir Canadian culture is a collectible item that celebrates Canadian heritage and culture. Zippo is a well-known American brand that produces high-quality lighters, and their souvenirs are highly sought after by collectors around the world.

The Canadian culture Zippo souvenir is designed with a variety of Canadian symbols and motifs that are meant to represent the country's unique identity. Some common images found on the lighter include the Canadian flag, maple leaves, the iconic Canadian Mountie, and scenes of the Canadian wilderness.

The Canadian culture souvenir Zippo lighter offers a genuine Zippo "click" and is windproof. Its all-metal construction and windproof design provide a dependable tool, making it suitable for use across varied conditions. The lighter is refillable with Zippo fluid, flints, and wicks, enabling a lifetime of use with proper maintenance. Manufactured in the United States, the Canadian culture Zippo boasts a lifetime guarantee of repair or replacement for free if it fails to work.

This lighter's fuel is sold separately and comes in the form of Zippo premium lighter fuel. Overall, the Zippo souvenir Canadian culture lighter is a high-quality and dependable lighter that will impress collectors and enthusiasts alike. 


  • Genuine Zippo windproof lighter with distinctive Zippo "click"
  • All metal construction; windproof design works virtually anywhere
  • Refillable for a lifetime of use; For optimum performance, we recommend genuine Zippo premium lighter fluid, flints, and wicks.
  • Made in USA; Lifetime guarantee that "it works or we fix it free"
  • Fuel: Zippo premium lighter fuel (sold separately)


Founded in 1932, Zippo is an iconic American brand renowned for its premium lighters. The Zippo lighter is a symbol of quality, durability, and timeless design. With its distinctive metal casing and iconic flip-top lid, a Zippo lighter has become a symbol of both functionality and style. Crafted with precision in Bradford, Pennsylvania, Zippo lighters have a lifetime guarantee and are celebrated for their windproof flame, making them reliable in all conditions. Over the decades, Zippo has expanded its range to include various designs, finishes, and custom engravings, appealing to a diverse audience. Beyond its product excellence, Zippo stands as a cultural icon, evoking a sense of heritage and an everlasting flame of innovation.