Vancouver Umbrella Auto Short - Victoria

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Discover Vancouver Umbrella Co.'s stand-out umbrella that features an automatic open, 3-fold, and windproof design for reliability. The Velcro tie band and matching sleeve add convenience, while the hardware boasts a sleek black-coated metal pole, a plastic hook handle, and durable nickel metal tips. Elevate your style and stay protected with Vancouver Umbrella Co.'s quality craftsmanship.

  • Automatic Open
  • 3 Fold
  • Windproof Design
  • Velcro tie band
  • Matching Sleeve
  • Short


  • Pole / Shaft - Black Coated Metal
  • Handle - Plastic hook
  • Tips - Nickel Metal
  • Ribs & Joints - Black Coated Metal

Vancouver Umbrella, with roots tracing back to 1932, embodies a rich family legacy rooted in the vision of Isadore Flader, a Polish immigrant. Starting with door-to-door umbrella repairs in Toronto, Isadore moved his family to Vancouver, establishing the brand's first manufacturing facility and store on West Pender Street. Today, under the leadership of Shana Hochfelder, Isadore's great-granddaughter and current President, Vancouver Umbrella has evolved into a thriving business. Shana's strategic initiatives, beginning in 1992, expanded corporate partnerships and product innovation, making the brand a leader in crafting high-quality, patented designs for frames, handles, and fabrics. As President since 2004, Shana has propelled the company to multi-million dollar annual sales, maintaining a commitment to exceptional service and honoring Isadore's tradition of providing top-tier umbrella products.