Tobacconist Blend Toro Maduro Full Strength Nicaraguan Cigars

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During a recent field trip in Nicaragua’s cigar capital, Estelí, we came across a humble little cigar factory. The owner, a hospitable older gentleman graciously shared a cigar
of his own made with us. Having smoked about a third of the cigar, we were struck by the quality of products this small operation was able to produce. To our delight, the seasoned cigar producer offered to manufacture some special blends.
From this agreement the Tobacconist Blend was born!

These cigars are handmade from 100% long filler tobacco, and are aged for a minimum of six months. We make sure that our cigars are made under strict quality controls
every step of the way. This ensures that all of our cigars are remaining consistent while using only the finest tobaccos. Every single Tobacconist Blend cigar is an incredible value and you will find it hard to find better cigars at such a low price.



Size Toro
Strength Full
Length 6
Gauge 50
Filler Nicaragua, Peru, Panama
Binder Dominican Republic
Wrapper Nicaragua
Country Nicaragua
Tasting notes earth and black pepper, sweet cocoa