Space Pen Bullet Red

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Some careers involve hard hats and protective gear. When you work under variable conditions, you need a pen that can measure up. Constructed out of high quality brass with a titanium coating, the bullet pen is made to travel with you. Fully closed, the pen is small enough to fit in your palm, but snap the cap on the end and you magically have a full length pen so dependable it has been to space. Featuring a pressurized Fisher Space pen refill (SPR), it can write in any angle under any weather condition without skipping a beat.

Finish Bullet Red
Length Closed 95 mm (3.75")
Length Open 133 mm (5.25")
Diameter 9.8 mm (.389")
Weight 19 grams
Cartridge Pressurized 35 PSI
Ink Thixotropic Black
Point Medium #SPR4
Operating Range -35˚C  to 121˚C
Package Gift Boxed