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Solani Virgina Flake Pipe Tobacco -50g

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Solani Virginia Flake is a premium tobacco blend made entirely of Virginia tobaccos, which are prized for their natural sweetness and bright flavour. To ensure that only the best leaves are used in the blend, the tobacco is carefully selected and processed.

The flakes are cut to a medium thickness, making them easy to pack into a pipe and producing a cool, slow-burning smoke. The tobacco has a mild to medium strength and a smooth and mellow flavour profile with citrus and hay notes.

Solani Virginia Flake is a versatile tobacco that can be smoked at any time of day and is especially well-suited for outdoor use. It goes well with a variety of beverages, including coffee, wine and tea.

Tobacco Blend Flavor Profile Strength Cut
Solani Virginia Flake Citrus, hay Mild to Medium Flake