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Sococo Coconut Water 1L

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  • THE PRODUCT: SOCOCO is 100% coconut water, never made from concentrate or reconstituted coconut water. No sugar added. 100% owned production, from sustainable farms | The biggest coconut plantation in the world
  • PACKING: Full pack of 12 units of 33.8 Fl Oz each one
  • BENEFITS: The SOCOCO coconut water hydrates the body, has amazing antiaging properties, helps in weight loss, is excellent for a controlled blood pressure, supports asthma, diabetes and osteoporosis prevention and is magnificent for a balanced cholesterol
  • 100% Pure Coconut Water: some customers may say that our product tastes different from our competition. Yes, that is true! Our product is 100% pure coconut water, never, ever made from concentrate or reconstituted. Most of our competitors (we can say almost all of them) produce coconut water from concentrate, which means their product is not fresh at all. We sell pure, fresh, delicious coconut water coming straight from our own farms. NEVER, EVER from concentrate. So, it tastes much better!