Siberia White Dry Mini

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Siberia mini-sized snus portions deliver a refreshing mint flavor together with an intense and extremely strong nicotine kick (19.5 mg/portion).These discreet and small portions are designed to fit comfortably under your lip. Their white character and dry surfaces keep their drip to a minimum, which lengthens their stimulating release of both flavor and nicotine.Siberia Extremely Strong Mini White Dry: A minty mini-portion snus filled to the seams with nicotine.

Dive into the Arctic allure with Siberia Snus, a brand that encapsulates the untamed spirit of Siberia in every pinch. Crafted with unparalleled quality and inspired by the region's pristine landscapes, our diverse and icy flavor profiles, including Arctic Mint and Northern Berry, offer a journey into the heart of the North. With a commitment to sustainability and bold strength options, Siberia Snus invites you to experience the Arctic's invigorating embrace in every pouch.