Siberia White Dry Slim 27.9MG per pouch

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Unmoistened chewing portion bags with the strongest SNUS nicotine sensation currently available have lower tobacco moisture. It runs less frequently than standard "White" bags and maintains the mint flavour for longer. Slim bag shape that fits beneath the lip comfortably and subtly.

Level of nicotine: 43 mg/g

Dive into the Arctic allure with Siberia Snus, a brand that encapsulates the untamed spirit of Siberia in every pinch. Crafted with unparalleled quality and inspired by the region's pristine landscapes, our diverse and icy flavor profiles, including Arctic Mint and Northern Berry, offer a journey into the heart of the North. With a commitment to sustainability and bold strength options, Siberia Snus invites you to experience the Arctic's invigorating embrace in every pouch.