Secrid Moneyband - Cobalt

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Are you bored of your wallet add some color to it? Secrid will give you the best money band which can hold more than 12 cards including your business, loyalty, credit, and debit cards. The money band is made of colorful elastic with a detailed stainless steel clip and rubber lining on the interior to hold everything in place. The money band is very expandable that it can hold two card protectors and is slim to carry around your pockets. Useful and convenient in gatherings, meetings, traveling, etc.

Size of the band - 64 X 25 X 4 mm 

weight - 7g

Color -Blue

Secrid, a pioneering brand in the world of wallets, was founded in 2009 in the Netherlands. Since its inception, Secrid has been at the forefront of innovation, introducing revolutionary wallet designs that prioritize both security and style. With a commitment to quality and functionality, Secrid has transformed the way people carry their essentials, offering modern solutions that combine convenience, protection, and Dutch design expertise.