S.T. Dupont x 24H Le Mans Line D Large White Fountain Pen

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Two of France's most renowned brands have come together in 2023 to commemorate 100 years of 24 Hours of Le Mans and S.T. Dupont's 150th anniversary. These two iconic entities have contributed to the international spotlight of France's excellence. As a result, they have created an impressive, modern, and creative collection including four distinct lines and a unique leather piece to honor the special occasion.

The 24H du Mans Premium collection features a Ligne 2 lighter, a Line D Large multifunction pen and cufflinks.

Made from precious materials, the iconic Line D reinvents motor racing style by creating a sophisticated and sporty writing instrument available in three colours. Their colourful lacquers echo the movement and speed firmly linked to the motorsport world. The lucky number 8 is a nod to the Maison’s first address: 8 rue Dieu. The angled guilloche cap, inspired by the curves of the circuit, is engraved with the 24H Le Mans logo.

The Line D Large is offered in a case with a fountain pen and rollerball pen, as well as a leather case with the S.T. Dupont and 24H Le Mans logos embossed.

S.T. Dupont, an esteemed French luxury brand founded in 1872, has established itself as a symbol of opulence and meticulous craftsmanship. With a heritage of over a century and a half, the brand is renowned for creating exceptional pens, lighters, leather goods, and accessories. S.T. Dupont products embody the perfect fusion of elegance, innovation, and functionality.

Exemplifying their commitment to luxury, S.T. Dupont collections often feature exquisite materials, precise engineering, and timeless designs. Whether it's their renowned pens, distinguished lighters, or refined leather items, each piece showcases the brand's dedication to sophistication and quality.

Experience the epitome of luxury and sophistication with S.T. Dupont, where tradition meets contemporary excellence in every meticulously crafted item.