Brigham Mountaineer Smoking Pipe #23

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Brigham Mountaineer Pipe #23 is the ideal choice for aspiring pipe enthusiasts. Take inspiration from the courage of intrepid explorers who crossed the western mountain passes between Alberta and British Columbia. Rekindle the thrill of modern mountaineering with this mid-priced pipe that rewards you with every smoke. 

This pipe is part of Brigham’s original 300 series and is finished with a beautiful mahogany finish.

  • Three brass dots inset in stem
  • High gloss lacquer finish
  • Black acrylic stem
  • Stamped with “Mountaineer” plus shape code
  • Available in 12 different shapes

5.75” length x 1.43” width x 1.63” height

Brigham is a reputable Canadian brand known for producing high-quality pipes and tobacco-related accessories. Their innovative designs, including the patented Brigham Rock Maple Filter System, enhance the smoking experience. They offer a diverse range of pipes in various shapes, sizes, and finishes, along with pipe accessories such as cleaners, filters, and pouches. Brigham is highly regarded for its craftsmanship and attention to detail, making it a trusted choice for pipe enthusiasts.