Perfec Repair Cigar solutions

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  • The Patented PerfecRepair glues down a lifting or unraveling cigar wrapper instantly and securely. It is the only product of its kind.
  • Seals any crack, hole or lifted edge of the wrapper causing minor and even major air leaks through the sides of a cigar instantly, with no taste and no effect on smokability of the cigar.
  • Absolutely safe – 100% natural, food-grade products sourced from USA. 
  • Compact 3ml bottle easily and comfortably fits in a pocket or cigar tool kit. Good for 80 average repairs.  A little goes a long way! 
  • Same glue used when making cigars. Microscopic cellulose fibers instantly crisscross to form a seal over any crack or hole in the wrapper.


The PerfecRepair formula is made of two ingredients, which are both 100% natural, food-grade products from the USA, with no taste and no alteration whatsoever of the smokability of any cigar:

1.  Glue – This is the same glue used when making cigars to hold the tobacco leaf wrapper and the cap together. There is no taste alteration of smoking your cigar, which is one of the reasons it is used in the normal construction of cigars.

2.  Cellulose fibers – These are the same fibers in "high fiber" foods you eat. All plants, including tobacco, contain high amounts of cellulose. In fact, tobacco plants are often grown as a source to produce pure cellulose from.  When we smoke cigars, we are already smoking high quantities of cellulose.


The glue in PerfecRepair is thick and sticky. It therefore glues down lifting and unraveling wrappers securely and instantly – there is no drying time needed – the cigar can be smoked 90 seconds after the repair.

The cellulose fibers average only 60 microns in length and 1-2 microns in diameter. These ultra-tiny fibers crisscross instantly, forming a net over any crack, hole or damaged area of a cigar. Again, the cigar may be smoked 90 seconds after the repair.

The techniques for gluing down an unraveling wrapper; and sealing a crack, hole or other air leak; are different. Please watch the PerfecRepair instructional video before using.