Original Grabba Honey Bourbon Jr Cigar Leaf

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Original Grabba Leaf Cigars are a line of sought-after, natural whole-leaf cigars for Canadian customers. Grabba Leaf Cigars are known for their mellowness, aromatic quality and rich flavour.  “Grabba” has gained tremendous popularity in North America amongst blunt smokers in the past decade. With the legalization of cannabis in Canada, the demand for Grabba tobacco has skyrocketed but it is hard to find due to the lack of government approved products on the market. People are looking for blunt wraps, pot wraps and spliff wrappers wherever they can be found.

Original Grabba Half Leaf Cigar features a 1/2 leaf cigar, wrapped with a rich premium natural dark broadleaf outer wrapper. These Grabba cigars are hand-rolled and imported from the Dominican Republic.

What is Grabba?

The Grabba tobacco leaf is also known as Fronto.  It is a premium-grade tobacco leaf and is often used as a wrapper to roll your own (RYO) cigars. This tobacco leaf is very popular among herb smokers who use the leaf to roll their joint, spliff, pot, or blunt. It is a premium-quality leaf that is pliable enough to roll a cigar without cracks, creases, or breaks. Likewise, it is smooth in texture and can bend, fold, roll, and twist.