Neos Original Medium Strength Mini Cigarillo

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For smokers on the go, Neos Original is a miniature Java blend that is perfect! This blend is ideal for that rediscovered moment of peace and quiet pleasure that only a fine cigar, or cigarillo, can provide.

NEOS are slim-shaped pre-cut cigarillos perfect for anyone on the go. NEOS cigarillos represent centuries of refined European craftsmanship coupled with the rich yet elegantly smooth taste of Sumatran tobaccos. NEOS Cigarillos provide a great tasting and highly aromatic experience for smokers on the go. Handmade in Belgium with Indonesian fillers, a Java binder and a natural all-tobacco wrapper, these mellow cigarillos are offered in Cappuccino for coffee fans, vanilla, for smokers with a sweet tooth, and Exotic for those that crave tropical fruit flavors. All mouthwatering blends are the ideal after-dinner/dessert smoke, the perfect fix with ten of these tasty little treats in each tin. These mini delights come in exotic, vibrant flavors and are packaged in fresh-sealed tins.