Marmara Barber Aftershave Spray Cologne No24 Brown 400ml

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Barber Eau de Cologne Marmara Exclusive Due to its persistent odour, which gives it coolness and freshness, it imparts a feeling of cleanliness and comfort for a prolonged period of time. Feel it all day long after a flawless shave with Marmara Barber Cologne. Marmara Exclusive Barber Eau de Cologne comes in a 400ml bottle made of beautiful, strong plastic. In a barbershop, it is necessary.

It is a necessity that comes in a variety of markets, sizes, forms, preferences, and pouring methods.
Some barbers sell it, while others utilise it. Some barbers simply purchase, while others restock from large bottles. All barbers use it, whether it's called "barber cologne," "eau de cologne," "after shave cologne," or another name.

400 ml spray bottle