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Macanudo Inspirado Ecuador Churchill Mild-Medium Strength Dominican Cigars

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Discover the Macanudo Inspirado Ecuador Churchill, a masterpiece for cigar enthusiasts seeking refined elegance and exceptional flavor. Measuring 7 inches in length with a 48 gauge, this cigar offers a balanced Mild-Medium strength, perfect for both seasoned aficionados and newcomers. The blend features premium fillers from Mexico and Nicaragua, masterfully bound by an Indonesian binder. Wrapped in a luxurious Ecuador Connecticut leaf, this cigar promises a smooth and flavorful smoke. Handcrafted in the Dominican Republic, it delivers rich tasting notes of earth and spice, ensuring a harmonious and satisfying experience from start to finish.



Size Churchill
Strength Mild-Medium
Length 7"
Gauge 48
Filler Mexico, Nicaragua
Binder Indonesia
Wrapper Ecuador Connecticut
Country Dominican Republic
Tasting notes earth and spice