Macanudo Inspirado Brazil Robusto Medium Strength Dominican Cigar

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Anyone who is familiar with cigars is likely to have heard of the Macanudo brand as well as the Connecticut Shade wrapper. They are not regarded as being particularly uncommon in the sector. Brazil, on the other hand, is a nation that is less well recognised for producing Connecticut Shade tobacco. Even though they have generated some, the quantity is still insufficient to qualify as a special addition to a blend. In order to create Macanudo Inspirado Brazilian Shade, a limited-edition addition to the wildly successful Inspirado range, the company made full use of this hidden fear treasure.

Beautiful Brazilian Connecticut wrapper conceals an unusual mix of lengthy filler tobaccos from Brazil, the Dominican Republic, and Nicaragua, together with a Mexican San Andrés binder. A medium-bodied profile characterised by creamy flavours of hay, leather, cedar, cocoa, peanut, and white pepper results from this blend. A fantastic experience is completed by an even burn and a simple draw thanks to Macanudo's consistently high standards for quality.


Size Robusto 
Strength Medium
Length 5
Gauge 50
Filler Brazil (Mata Fina), Dominican Republic (Cubita & Piloto Cubano) & Nicaragua (Jalapa)
Binder Mexican San Andrés 
Wrapper Brazil (Connecticut Shade)
Country Dominican Republic
Tasting notes Hay, Leather, Cedar, Cocoa, Peanut, White pepper